Who We Are


Connecting people to each other is more important now than ever. We want to ensure everyone who comes to SCC is connected in a meaningful way to other Christian people. But just having relationships is not what we are called to do. Through these relationships we desire to connect people to the person of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. 


The commandments of Jesus are summed up in Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, strength and mind. And to love your neighbor as yourself. This means that we are required to demonstrate our love through actions of service. As a church we will actively serve those in a manner that brings honor and glory to God!


To create a relationship with Jesus Christ requires knowing Jesus Christ. Jesus told his disciples that they must "teach those that you tell about me to obey everything I have commanded." This means that a primary aspect of our mission is to teach people the word of God. To ensure we are actually growing in Christ, we will remain in the words of Christ. 

Our Core Values

As the world changes around us, we will adapt and change in order to help grow everyone together in Christ. The following are non-negotiable values that have not and will not change, and guide us in achieving our vision.

  • We will follow the teachings of scripture in all areas of life. We believe the bible is the authoritative word of God. Jesus Christ is only known through His word. Our teaching and worship will reflect His word.

  • We want the entire family to worship together. We will do what is necessary to be relevant to the community we are a part of. We will show compassion to all age groups.

  • We believe that all people are welcome, and consider Christ's church to be like the kitchen table at home. Our hospitality is how we express love to all people inside and outside our doors.

  • Sharing Christ with one another is done through intentional prayer and relationship building. This requires us to build intentional relationships inside and outside of the church.