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Ages 3 - Grade 8
Are you coming to church this week?  We would love to have you, and your kids! Whether you choose to keep them with you in the service, or want them to explore their faith with other kids their age, you are welcome to do that here!
Kids will do age appropriate bible lessons, play games, do puzzles, color, and do all manner of incredible adventures to discover who Jesus is, who they are, and how they relate to each other!

Click the link above for more!


3.2.1…BLAST OFF! 

BLAST is a FREE program for K-Gr. 8 that runs from September-May on Tuesdays. Our hours are from 6:30-7:45pm. BLAST returns to SCC this Tuesday (September 19th)! 

This year BLAST will have 3 groups based on grade levels. Naomi Burke will be leading the K-Gr. 2 group, Danielle Munro will be leading the Gr. 3-5 group, and Corwin Tompson will be leading the Gr. 6-8 group. We are excited for the year ahead! Some key times to take note of are: 

         A) 6:15 pm - 6:30 pm → Drop Off Window

         B) 6:30 pm- 7:40 pm → BLAST is in full swing

         C) 7:45 pm → Pick Up

Below is a breakdown of the night ↓


DROP OFF (6:15 pm - 6:30 pm)

Enter through the main doors at the front of SCC (by the gym) and Register/Check-in with the volunteer at the front desk.

  • K to GRADE 5 proceed directly to the Sanctuary
  • GRADES 6-8 proceed to the Gymnasium

BLAST OFF! (6:30 pm- 6:55 pm )

  • K-GRADE 2 head Downstairs (Bible lesson)
  • GRADES 3-5 remain in the Sanctuary (Bible lesson)
  • GRADES 6-8 remain in the Gymnasium (game/sport)

CHANGE UP (6:55 pm- 7:20 pm )

  • K-GRADE 2 head to the Fellowship Hall (Craft/Game)
  • GRADES 3-5 head to the Gymnasium (game/sport)
  • GRADES 6-8 head Upstairs to the Loft (Bible lesson)

UNWIND (7:20 pm- 7:45 pm )

  • K-GRADE 5 head to the FELLOWSHIP HALL (Snack/Song)
  • GRADES 6-8 remain in the Loft (Snack/Hang-out) 



Games/sports, crafts, snacks, worship time, and Bible lessons, everyone has a BLAST at SCC on Tuesday nights!!

Register at the door between 6:15 pm- 6:30 pm

Online registration coming soon.