Associate Pastor of youth and Family Ministries

Our congregation is in need of someone who can help partner with our families to disciple young people.  This is a growing need as we have a large number of children and teens that attend and are associated with us.

To this end we are seeking a full-time Associate Pastor of youth and Family Ministries who has:

  • A saving faith in Jesus Christ as witnessed through public confession and believers baptism by immersion.
  • A deep and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, a love for His Church, and a heart for the local congregation.
  • A strong devotional and prayer life.
  • The gift of providing relevant Bible teaching.
  • The ability to work with groups and individuals in developing and sustaining ministries within and beyond our congregation.
  • An understanding of how to foster a team approach.
  • Completed some post-secondary Christian Education.
  • Ability to manage and utilize social media.

This is a full time paid position.

For inquiries please write us at applications@gotoscc.com