Precept Bible Study

The mission of Precept Ministries is to establish people in God's Word.

Helping others to know God and understand His Word for themselves.

We are using the Inductive Bible Study Method, this means:

     1 Observation of the text: who is the author, what is the he saying,

                            who is he saying it to, what are their

                            circumstances, and why is he saying it.

     2 Interpretation: what does it mean, here we do a lot of cross

                       references, does it line up with the rest of

                       scripture. At this point we can look up what others

                       say about the text we are studying in commentaries.

     3 Application: Only now are we ready to apply it to our own lives,

                    the time in which we live, today's issues and


Through Bible study we get to Know God more personally and intimately, and learn more about the depth of His Love and Grace and His Mercy, and how Real He is even today.

Precept Bible Study is every other Monday beginning September 21. Prayer time at 6:30 p.m. and study begins at 7:00 p.m.